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Court Open Times

The four courts are available for members to use all weekends and weekdays after 5pm, and weekdays and weekends during school holidays and throughout bank holidays. Grey Court School has the use of the courts weekdays up to 5pm during school term time.

However after 3.00pm on term-time weekdays there are often courts available, but the School has priority.

The gate to the courts is secured by a combination lock; if you are a member and wish to be reminded of the gate code, please email us.

Courts can be booked in advance; please see Court Booking page to book a court in advance.

Matches and Events are shown on the Matches / Events page of this website. Matches and Events taking place in the next 8 days can also be seen by clicking the link on the Court Bookings page.

The priority for use of the courts is as follows:

1. Coaching use as shown in the Coaching section.
2. Matches against visiting teams.
3. Other matches.

To view our Matches and Events, please see the Matches / Events page of this website.

All Matches and Events must be entered by their Organiser in the Court Bookings section system, otherwise members can make personal court bookings which will conflict with the Match or Event.