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Child protection policy

The aim of this policy is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect and members, non members and visiting place to plays and teams are not denied access to the Ham and Petersham Tennis Club because of a discriminatory reason.

This policy is fully supported by the Ham and Petersham Tennis Club management committee which is responsible for the implementation and review of this policy.

The Ham and Petersham Tennis Club will therefore adhere to the following:

a) aims to create an enjoyable environment for all juniors who wish to take part in tennis or other sport and social activities

b) believe that children and young people have the right to be safe, secure and free from threat

c) believe that young people have the right to be treated with respect, and to have their concerns listened to and acted upon

d) ensure that the needs of junior members are provided for through specific programmes, designated facilities, and safe practice

e) have procedures in place to address poor practice, and to help any young person who appears to be at risk, or who appears to be the victim of abuse

f) offer help and support when a child or young person tells us that they are affected by these issues

g) take steps to ensure that any volunteers or professionals working with children are suitable to do so, through the use of references and background checks

h) ensure that all relevant people have been vetted and approved through the LTA’s Criminal Record Bureau disclosure process

i) ensure that all of those working with children are made aware of the LTA code of conduct for people working with children in tennis, and are required to follow it

The Ham and Petersham Tennis Club has an adult member who is specifically responsible for children, young people and child protection:

This persons name is: Sue Jackson
She can be contacted on 07960 439158
The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) can also be contacted directly as follows:

LTA Child Protection:

T: 0208 487 7008/7116 and M (24 hour): 07971 141 024

E: and

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Revised February 2016