Accident & Emergency | Ham & Petersham Lawn Tennis Club

Accident and Emergency Guidelines

The Ham and Petersham Tennis Club have adopted the following Accident and Emergency Guidelines based on LTA Accident and Emergency Guidelines. This guideline reflects that the Ham and Petersham Tennis Club does not currently have a facility to store first aid materials.

The Club has a defibrillator available at all times and plans to have a first aid kit always available (Nov 2015).


  • Stay calm but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there any danger of further injuries?
  • Listen to what the injured person is saying
  • If the injury is minor, alert your first aider to take appropriate action
  • If the injury requires specialist treatment, call the emergency services
  • Deal with the rest of the group and ensure that they are adequately supervised
  • Do not move someone with major injuries - wait for the emergency services
  • Contact the injured persons parent/carer
  • Complete an incident/accident report form

First Aid Kits

All coaches carry a first aid kit. For guidance on the contents of this, reference should be made to Clubmark Management – Accident and Emergency Guidelines – LTA web site. It is also recommended that all playing members carry some basic dressings.

Accident/emergency contact information

coaches shall have current first aid competency certificates. If a coach is on site then they should be referred to for assistance.

Nearest Accident and Emergency Department:

Kingston Hospital NHS Trust (020 8546 7711, ext 2181 or 6147)
Galsworthy Rd.
Kingston upon Thames

For advice about injuries or accidents of a less severe nature, please call: NHS Direct 0845 4647

On witnessing an accident or emergency, please ensure you complete an accident report form and hand to a member of the committee.

Ham and Petersham Tennis Club
Revised November 2011