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New members

We are not able to take on all the prospective members who apply to join our club.

As of June 2021, we had 360 members. Due to covid, our members are playing more than they used to. Also many members of the public have decided to take up tennis. We guess almost all the clubs in the area have waiting lists.

If new membership places become available, the committee may, for example, decide to give priority to one or more categories, eg Family, Juniors, Adults, beginners. Or it may decide to prioritise existing members wishing to add family members. Or it may decide to prioritise lapsed members.

The committee keeps a regular watch on court usage to see if and when new members can be taken on.

Members may only play other members; guests are not allowed at the present time.

If you are interested in joining us, please download a membership application form and email this to Steve Hayes, email address

Your details will be added to our online membership database. If and when we have vacancies and your application is approved and happens to be selected, you will receive an email inviting you to login and set a password of your choice. When you login you will be able to pay your membership fee online (using your debit or credit card). On the left hand side of the screen, there will be an option "Membership Subscription". Click on this. Follow the prompts to pay the subscription using your debit or credit card. All membership fees should be paid online in this way; this enables us to keep trace of which members have paid their subscriptions. It also opens the court booking system up to you without you having to wait for us to verify your payment. It is also a lot less work for our committee. Please do not pay your membership fee by cheque, cash or electronic funds transfer to the Club's bank account (as in the past).
Please only pay online with your credit or debit card through the MyCourts booking system.

Families £150, Couples £120, Adults £90, Young Adults (between the ages of 19 and 28) £45, Juniors and Students £35 per year. Guests are not allowed at the present time. For 2021-22, our year for subscriptions started on 1st May 2021. New members joining the club pay the full subscription if they join the club between 1st April and 1st October in any year; new members joining the club between 1st October and 30th April pay a reduced subscription for the period up to the following 1st May. Details on request.

We share the courts with Grey Court School. Grey Court School has absolute priority to play during all weekdays (during term time) up to late afternoon. Sometimes they indicate informally to us that they do not intend to use the courts on (say) Tuesdays. We then make the courts available to be booked on Tuesdays through our booking system. But Grey Court School is entitled to change its court timings at any time, even on short (or no) notice. So, even if you have booked a court online for a weekday in school term time, Grey Court School has the complete right to take over all the courts at any time. If this happens when you are playing, or about to play, please leave the courts immediately without complaint. Failure to do this might mean that the school might no longer make court slots (which they expect not to need to use) available to us. It only needs one of our members to argue with the school (in such circumstances) to lose us their future co-operation. Remember that due to covid all schools have considerable problems with their planning ahead, and things on their side can change quickly and unexpectedly.

This rarely happens. But if you are booking a court and wish to be sure you won’t be “bumped” by the school, during term-time you should book a slot after school hours or during the weekend. During school holidays, at any available time.