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Court Bookings

Please note: We are a members club, so obviously only paid up members can book our courts.

Court Booking System
The club is uses an online booking system created by Holdmycourt. You are able to instantly see the availability of each court. Click here and you can scan the court availability for the next 6 days.

You can book up to 1 hour per day (in the next 6 days) in advance in 30 minute slots. Members and members with guests who have reserved have priority. If a member who has booked has not turned up to play within 10 minutes of their start time, their booking is cancelled. Evidence of court bookings can be used from printing the Calendar session or the confirmation emails automatically sent to you.

Booking a Court
To make a booking scroll the days to find a suitable free session and click on the day/time of your choice. The first time you do this it will bring up a dialogue box:

New Registration

Complete using your email address and typing in a password and the other details. Click Register, return to the day and time you wish to book, select 1 hour duration and click Submit.
An email confirmation will be automatically sent to you. Print this out and take it with you as evidence of your booking.

Note: You can only book one session per day. If you or your family want to book a different session on the same day, you will need to re-register using a different email address, please advise Martin Adams of this.

The next time you click the booking link, start entering your email address and your details will be remembered.

You can access the booking system by clicking on the “here” link (above) on this page; this takes you to H&P reservations. Alternatively you can access the H&P booking system through your web browser at

If you try to go direct to the website (not through this page) you will be directed to their general pages, not to the H&P booking system.

We have allocated numbers to the courts; the court nearest the track to Ham House is court 1.

To enable use of the practice wall you need to book court 1.

If circumstances change and you wish to cancel your court reservation, go back in, click on the booking then click on Delete This Reservation on the ensuing page.

Reservations by Coaches, Committee Members and Team Captains:

This is the best way to do it:

1. Go to our website

2. Click on Court Bookings page

3. Click on the blue link “Here” in the 4th line of text

4. At the page click on Sign in or Register

5. Complete your name, email address, choose a password, type in your phone number, and click on Register. This registers you as an ordinary user. Ordinary users can only view and make bookings 6 days ahead. You want to be able to view and make bookings weeks and months ahead. So email asking to be upgraded to Captain or Administrator status. This will be done and confirmed back to you.

6. When upgraded to Captain or Administrator status, go back to the page (as before) and sign in.

7. You will now be able to see court reservations 30 days ahead.

8. To view dates more than 30 days ahead, at the right of the last date link that you have showing, there is a calendar date picker. Click on it and a calendar appears. You can move forward month by month until you see the date you want to view (or reserve). Highlight that day and click on Go. You will then be able to view the reservations on that date and make reservations for that date yourself (even though it is more that 30 days ahead).

9. By default the booking will be made in your name. So (when making the booking) change this from your name to the name of the match for each booking as you make it. You can book one court for 1 hour at a time, so you will need to make several bookings for each match.

10. If you have a problem about availability of dates, courts, timing etc please contact James Kober
phone 07466 808515 or email: or or contact Martin Adams email phone 020 8546 8386

or in the event of a technical problem in connection with the website email Steve Hayes at

In the event of a technical problem with the website please email: