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Court Bookings

Please note: We are a members club, so obviously only paid up members can book our courts.

Please note that Court 1 is nearest the entrance gate / Ham Avenue. The courts are very busy, so it is very important that you cancel a booking if it is not needed.

To book on the new system, click
here and login with your user name (given to you in the invitation email) and your password (the one you chose for yourself as requested by the invitation email). Click on Booking Sheets and All Times and you will see the booked and available slots. If you haven't logged in, you will just see slots shown as Booked or Book Now.

When you login you will see who is playing on each court. Click on Book Now to book a court. You will be automatically entered as one of the players; please enter the name(s) of your opponent(s). You will only be able to enter them if they are members and have previously logged in at some time. To check if they are members, click on Members' Directory; you can search for them under their first name or surname.

For you to be able to select them as an opponent, they must have at some time in the past logged in to the court booking system. This is due to a quirk of data protection; by logging in a member consents to their name being displayed on the booking sheets.

The names of all players in each booking must be entered.
Bookings made under a single member's name will be cancelled. This is partly because of covid tracing, and partly because only paid up members are allowed to play on our courts, guests are not allowed at the present time.

Only members of our club may take part in coaching/lessons on our courts from our coaches. The only exception to this is Easter and Summer Camps when different arrangements apply.

If you click on Members' Directory near the top of the screen, further down the page you will see a link Edit Your Profile. Click on this. Please check your contact details are correct; additional details can be added. When you check your contact details, please check we have your email address, phone number, home address and (if a junior or young adult) age. You can also upload a photo of yourself. This photo should be a passport style one to help verify who is playing.

If circumstances change, and you wish to cancel your court reservation, go back into the booking system, click on your booking and cancel it.

A few points about the court booking system:

1. Every member has been emailed with a login link to enable access to the system; when you login you will be able to choose your own password.

2. You cannot book a court unless you have logged in using that password.

3. When you book a court, you must select an opponent. If you click on Members' Directory you will see a list of our members. When selecting an opponent, you may find that their name does not appear in the drop-down list of selectable players set out in the members' directory; this will be because they have not yet logged in to the system (using the login link sent to them). Due to a quirk of data protection, a member cannot be selected as an opponent until they have logged in at least once in the past; by logging in they are consenting to their name being shown on the booking sheets. This is the case even if they are shown in the members' directory on the booking page.

This is how you and your Family members should login, just the once, so you can be selected to play on a court:

When you joined, you will have received an email setting out your username and a link enabling you to create a password of your choice.
This link must be used within the following 24 hours. If you have not received the link recently, email the Membership Secretary to ask for a new one.

You should have received a login email looking like this:

Dear John Smith,

Your Username for the Booking System Website is "john4".

Click the following link to set or reset your Password.

Be sure to set yourself a unique Password for the Booking System Website.

If this link has already been used or if it's expired (it can only be used once and it expires after 48 hours), then please click the following link to get a new Password-Reset link.

Once you've set your Password, you can login to the Booking System Website.

Click on the long link (the one above ends 343).

You will receive a message like this:

Password Reset

Top of Form

Please be sure to use a unique password for this website. 

New password
 min 5 characters
Re-type password


Bottom of Form

Type in a password of your choice, twice.

Press submit.

We will then need you to open your web browser (Chrome, Safari or whatever)

Type in 
in the search area near the top of the screen. 

On the resulting screen, top left, is says MEMBER LOGIN
In the upper box type in john4
In the box below type in the password you have just chosen.
Tick Remember login
Click on Submit.

You or your family member has now been logged in and can be selected on the booking sheets to play on a court.

4. Another hint is that, though not essential, it is more user-friendly for members if each member has a different email address, rather than (say) one email address being used by several members of a family.

5. Members should always pay their subscription by logging into the court booking system and paying by debit or credit card; not by cash, cheque or bank transfer (as in the past).

6. Members who have not filled in a recent membership application form with their details should do so, and post or email it to our membership secretary, Steve Hayes.

Team Captains:
If you are a team captain, you will have been sent a logon second invitation. First you will have been sent a logon invitation like all members which gives you a week's future access to the booking system like all members. Secondly you will have been sent a logon invitation to be an Administrator limited to Team & Event bookings and Leagues and Tournament bookings. So you have two hats. For team bookings etc you need to log on with your Administrator username and password. For ordinary member bookings, you need to log on with your ordinary member username and password.

If you are a coach, you have the same powers as an ordinary members, except you can book courts 14 days ahead instead of 7 days ahead. Like ordinary members, you can see matches etc further ahead by going to the Booking Sheet page, and clicking on Teams & Events Calendar, and selecting the month you wish to view.

As you will know, Grey Court School have absolute priority for the use of courts in term-time weekdays during school hours.

As we have always made clear to members (and as stated in our email to all members on 28
th December last and set out on our website). We share the courts with Grey Court School. Grey Court School has absolute priority to play during all weekdays (during term time) up to late afternoon. Sometimes they indicate informally to us that they do not intend to use the courts on (say) Tuesdays. We then make the courts available to be booked on Tuesdays through our booking system. But Grey Court School is entitled to change its court timings at any time, even on short (or no) notice. So, even if you have booked a court online for a weekday in school term time, Grey Court School has the complete right to take over all the courts at any time. If this happens when you are playing, or about to play, please leave the courts immediately without complaint. Failure to do this might mean that the school might no longer make court slots (which they expect not to need to use) available to us. It only needs one of our members to argue with the school (in such circumstances) to lose us their future co-operation. Remember that due to covid all schools have considerable problems with their planning ahead, and things on their side can change quickly and unexpectedly.

This rarely happens. But if you are booking a court and wish to be sure you won’t be “bumped” by the school, during term-time you should book a slot after school hours or during the weekend. During school holidays, at any available time.

Thank you for your co-operation.

In the event of a technical problem in connection with the website email Steve Hayes at