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Wimbledon Tickets 2020

In 2019 we received 13 pairs of tickets as a Club and we were due to receive the same in 2020. The number for 2021 depends entirely on how many of our members Opt In to the Ballot, and whether Wimbledon offer tickets to clubs in 2021. The LTA rule is that only Club Members who opt in are allocated tickets by the LTA if their name comes up in our ballot. No ways round this!  Very simple procedure as follows:

To qualify for the Club Wimbledon ticket ballot you first need to enrol as a British Tennis Member (BTM). Most members will already have done this. This is free of charge to all members of our Club, and all players over 10 years old are eligible. Go to  BTM section and put in your details. You will need to put in and record a password, and enter the Club name as Ham&Petersham (not Ham and Petersham).

If you would like to opt-in, you will need to do the following by 14th February 2021:
1. Go to the LTA website at:
2. Login using your Username and Password (H&P does not have these)
3. Click on your user initials (top right of screen)
4. Click on Members Home, then click on Find Out More
5. Scroll down to Wimbledon Ballot - follow the prompts to Opt-In Now
6. You will get a message saying you have opted in.
7. Click on Personal Details on that message.
8. Click on Venues, and make sure that you are shown as affiliated to Ham & Petersham LTC. If not, amend your details to show Ham & Petersham as Your Venue (or one of Your Venues).

You should then receive an email from LTA confirming that you have opted in.

For the Wimbledon Public Ballot, for 2021 registration and application for the Wimbledon Public Ballot is online. Entry into the Wimbledon Public Ballot is comprised of two compulsory phases: Registration (which is open from 9th September 2020 to 21st October 2020), followed by Application (which is open from 1st November 2020 to 30th November 2020). First one has to join MyWimbledon and activate account. Then one has to Register between 9th September and 21st October 2020. Then between 1st and 30th November 2020 one completes online one's ballot application. In January 2021 the ballots begin.