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Apart from the Wimbledon Draw, our main social events are Tennis on Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings, and also American Tournaments.

For those who don't know, an American Tournament is just a sociable way of playing tennis; the organiser draws up a list of people (ideally 16 players: 8 men and 8 women) and then pairs them up to make 4 mixed doubles matches for the first set.

Each set consists of 5 games and a tally is kept of the number of games won by each person. You have a different partner for each set - after each set the winning pair move to the next court (men one way, ladies the other) while the losing pair split up and stay on the same court. The two winners at the end of the tournament (one lady and one man) are those who have won the most games overall.

If a game goes to a second deuce there is a "sudden death" system whereby the winners are the ones who win the next point. This means that the five games last about the same time for everyone.

Basically, it's a fun tournament, not taken seriously, and we finish with a picnic lunch provided by all participants - everyone brings something edible and/or quaffable and spouses/partners are invited to join us if they wish.