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Our President arrives for Social Tennis.

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General view of the four courts.

19th October 2020

There has been an intermittent outage over 9th and 10th October in the court booking system, believed to be caused by a problem in the app. Apologies for this. The system is now working normally again. Thanks to Katrina and Bob for tracking down the problem and getting it sorted.

The committee intends to move the club to an improved court booking system. The present one does not contain the names of our members; the new one will. It is helpful if members complete up to date membership forms each year with their details. However some members have not completed recent forms, perhaps there have been changes, perhaps not. Some members have joined via third parties who have passed on payment (but without membership forms) and giving only brief details. The club asks for the cooperation and forbearance of members during the changeover.

Requirements & changes due to COVID-19

5th October 2020

Hello everyone,

We want to update you on some changes brought about by Covid-19 regulations.

Tuesday and Saturday social tennis – starting tomorrow, Tuesday 6th October, we are making 16 the maximum number of people that can attend mix-ins.

It is now a legal requirement that we can provide names & contact details in the event we are contacted by NHS Track & Trace. Enforcement is being supported by fines starting at £1000. Obviously we do not want to be fined so it is imperative that our records enable us to supply required information. To enable this:
Court booking system – it’s essential that this accurately reflects the reality of who’s played.

• We know that frequently members find substitutes for regular games. The names of players must be changed on the system. This can be done by the lead booker, but if it is the booker who drops out, then the whole booking has to be cancelled & reinstated by one of the other players.

• We notice an increase in one name bookings. Under booking rules, all players must be named. If the one name booking persists for more than 24 hours, we have the right to cancel it without any warning under the booking rules. You have been warned! But please, the essential part is to name all players so that we do not run the risk of a fine under Track & Trace.

• Remember to cancel booking if you don’t play for whatever reason.

It is unfortunate that Covid-19 has added to the administrative side of running the Club. But we can all help out by ensuring that court bookings are up-to-date. Thanks for your co-operation.

The Committee

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Randolph Wilcox writes about his daughter's session at the club with British tennis player Katie Boulter (current world ranking 374, highest ranking 82):

Lockdown was pretty awful for everyone and we were no different. I didn’t work for nearly four months, without any kind of pay, and so we had to cut back on a lot of things, including my daughter Eva’s tennis coaching. However, during the summer, Katie Boulter ran a competition on Twitter for kids to win a session with her. Fearing Eva might be getting bored with hitting with me all the time I entered the competition and surprisingly Eva was one of three lucky children that won!

Katie and her team came to the club at the start of September and it was a fantastic experience for Eva and actually, for all of us that were there on the day.

Katie spent more than hour on the court with Eva, going through various strokes, backhand, forehand and volleys and I even got to hit a few balls with her too. In between the sessions she would chat with Eva about tennis and lots of other things. She was also kind enough to give Eva a signed top, which Eva wants to wear all the time!

Martin and other members of the club also got to have a good chat with Katie and she complimented us all on having such a wonderful tennis club.

There’s a lovely photo of Katie talking to Eva and her friends, it shows how kind, friendly and how she was really interested in the girls. It was such a fantastic day, my wife Sara and I watched on as extremely proud parents. It has boosted Eva’s confidence in her game, and at the end of the afternoon she said, “ Dad, I want to be exactly like Katie when I grow up!”


Since re-opening in May there has been unprecedented interest in the Club. We have welcomed so many new members that now have a waiting list. Please contact, our Membership Secretary for details or if you wish to join.

Please note also that courts may now be booked for one hour only from a time starting and ending on the hour, eg from 10.00 to 11.00, not from 10.30 to 11.30.

Welcome to Ham & Petersham Tennis Club - Richmond’s best kept tennis secret

Not many people know that Ham & Petersham Tennis Club exists; not many people walk past it, and even some of those who have will not have noticed it, behind the trees, as they go by. The courts are not easy to find; our membership has developed mainly through word of mouth.

Whilst, given our location, we are proud to maintain our low profile, we are, however, a flourishing club. We have 2 experienced LTA Licensed coaches, a very strong Junior programme and highly successful Men’s and Ladies’ teams. We also value our strong links with the community, including local primary and secondary schools.

We built and use 4 macadam courts located in quiet rural surrounds between Ham Common and historic Ham House. Our members are all ages and standards; currently we have around 120 adult members and 80 juniors.

We are also a safe play to play, with our coaching team well-versed in first aid, a defibrillator on site and a Welfare Officer keeping a close eye on both safeguarding and health & Safety.
In fact, it’s a great place to play – secure and accessible at all times – and whatever your standard, you will find plenty of opportunity to join in.

We have regular Social Tennis all year on Saturdays 10.00 - 12.30, and in summer Thursdays from 7.00 pm onwards. All members are welcome. There are regular American Tournaments and matches with other Clubs.

Court bookings are made through our online court reservation system; please see the Court Bookings page for details.

There are no entrance or guest fees; membership is £150 a year for families, £120 a year for couples, £90 a year for adults, £45 a year for members between the ages of 19 and 28, and £35 a year for juniors and students. Please see Join Us section for exact fees payable.

We have regular social tennis (turn up and play), American Tournaments, matches against other clubs, and a singles ladder.

Our club is LTA Tennismark accredited; this means that LTA have recognised that we have good standards and best practice. It shows that the club has the right environment which ensures the welfare of members and encourages everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives.

Opened in 2014, the Pavilion has a loo and washroom accessible at all times, where a defibrillator and first aid kit are available for emergency use. The main room has a kitchen, fridge, cooker and comfortable seating area and also a changing room. Outside is a large lawn with picnic benches.

Our courts are shared with Grey Court School. We have an arrangement with them under which they have priority use of the courts at weekdays during the school term up to 5pm (please see Links section for school term dates), and we have the use of the courts at other times, subject to coaching reservations (please see Coaching section) and Matches and other Events (please see Matches / Events section).

5th October 2020: updated

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